Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Revlon - Collective Haul

Hello dolls!
I decided to share my collective haulage with you. I've been basically taking advantage of a lot of the good sales from Revlon lately lol. They've had buy1get1free so i got a Colorstay Foundation in Golden Beige and a Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Unlimited Honey. They also had a lot of clearance prices (i love these!) for around $3 each. I picked up Colorstay Lipstick in Smooth Nude (i got two), a Beyond Natural cream-to-powder eyeshadow quad that looked really pretty, in Spice (520) and a Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss in Nude.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Golden Beige - this really is the best drugstore foundation i've used. I use the one for oily/combination skin. I finally found the right shade to suit my liking on my face. I've used Medium Beige before this, but it always made my face look too pink. The color i got now is still on the beige side but has a yellow undertone which seems to match me quite well. It blends great and makes me look more natural. I'm glad i got this shade.

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Unlimited Nectar - if you don't already know, i've purchased this lipglaze once before but the color was a disaster on me. It was too shimmery and i just did not like it at all. I've seen a few people get this shade. Even though i was a little hesistant at first because of the orange vibe it gave me, im really glad i decided to get it. Once i put it on, it has a nude peach color. It goes on very smoothly, its not sticky and it has a very subbtle nice shine to it. It lasts awhile and doesn't look like i have a ton of gloss on. Again the smell is super unusual but im getting used to it and its not too bad

Revlon Colorstay Lipsstick in Smooth Nude - i've been wanting this for a while now and im so glad they had this clearance. I bought it and tried it out since im a little late with trying it out lol i loved it so much i had to get another one, that's why you see two in the picture lol One i keep in my purse and one i got as an extra. I absolutely LOVE how smooth it is! It seems so fragile when i put it on my lips so im really careful. The shade is my ideal nude. It doesn't make my lips pale or dry. It has a shine so i can wear it by itself. My favorite part about it is that it goes on smoothly without finding its way through cracked lips.

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip gloss in Nude - i actually really like this gloss. First of all it smells really sweet, a little like cream vanilla. It's a very thick consistency so a little would go a long way. It doesn't just glide on easily and thin, so you have to be careful with that. You don't want to put a thick layer of gloss on your lips, cuz then it just gets in between the lines and it looks weird (i did that so i know lol). The shade itself is gorgeous. It really is a true nude. More so on the beige side. I recommend it if you find it on clearance price, otherwise i strongly believe you would do fine without.
Swatches L to R: Unlimited Nectar Lip glaze, Nude creme Lip gloss and Smooth Nude Lipstick

Revlon Beyond Natural cream-to-powder eyeshadow quad in Spice: again i got this because it had a clearance price. They had about 2 other ones but this one caught my eye because its neutral sheer colors. I haven't worn this out yet because im still testing out the colors and how it lasts. It goes on as a cream and then it turns into a smooth powder form as you apply it and blend it. I won't talk about it much because i want to make a separate post on it with how it actually looks on me so i can give you a better understanding.
Hope you like it! =)

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