Sunday, January 31, 2010

My January Favorites!

Here are a few things that i couldn't separate myself from this entire month!
1) Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette - i think i've mentioned this palette before. i dont know if you can tell but im hitting pan on Stray Dog! lol Lately i've been using Oil Slick.. It's not as sparkly as it looks once you put it on, so it's my new favorite subtle black i love this palette.

2) Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Lust - i absolutely love this color! the one i have is from a travel size set that i got a few months ago, so i've had it for awhile lol i recently discovered it though and i love to use it on my waterline for a pop of color. Brown eyes + purple liner = love!

3) Ardell Black Wispies - i know i talked about these before but i had to add them to my list. if you read about my little mini haul from Sallys you know about these. I've been wearing them everyday since i got them. I might have to go get new ones soon lol They're officially my favorite lashes. They look natural, they're the perfect length for everyday wear. If you haven't checked these out yet please do!

4) Stila Bronzer in Shade 1 - i use this every single day. it goes on smoothly and doesn't make my face look dirty! finally a bronzer that doesn't smudge on my face and makes me look like i played with mud at the end of the day. It matches my skin the way i like it and i highly recommend it.

5) My homemade Lip Erase - believe it or not i've been using this every single day to moisturize my lips. Even if i use another lipstick, i always use this first. The vaseline smoothes out my lips and the concealer pales them out without drying them. If you don't know what im talking about check out this post about it (Do it yourself)

6) Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in Smooth Nude - officially my favorite drugstore lipstick..i want to go check out other colors since im lipstick deprived lol i've been using this a lot lately. I have it in my purse and i always use it for touch-ups. If you haven't tried this yet please do your going to be amazed with how smooth and soft it is.

7) Stila Plumping lip glaze in Citrus Mint - i love this! it seriouslsy stayes on for like the longest time. I love pairing up with my lip erase. It gives it such a nude peach shimmery color and it lasts for a while. i dont know if the plumping idea works or i just cant tell but the tingly minty feelings is funky i love it

8) China Glaze nail polish in Good Witch? - i've been wearing this alot! I didn't make a post about it because i wanted to include it in my january faves. It's a cool pink frost with tiny glitters. It stayes on for a long time and doesn't chip off like many nail polishes do. I put on three coats to get a good solid color. After it dries its not that smooth as regular nailpolishes, it has a rough texture feeling because of the glitters, so if that bothers you than its not for you but other than that i love it
9) Adam Lambert For your Entertainment - i know this is not at all makeup related but i just HAD to mention it. I got it like a few days after New Years and i've been listening to it ever since. His voice, his style and his music are amazing. One of my favorites so far this year.
What are some of your favorites?


  1. I have been looking everywhere for your UD foreshadow palette! I love all of those colors! I'm going to go back to your post and see where you got it from! Nice favorites!!

  2. i've actually looked for it online and i cant find not sure if it was discontinued or not..i got it really cheap so im thinking it was probably a low price to get rid of can find the colors in other palettes though or even individually if you don't want all 4 colors