Friday, March 26, 2010

Lets Multi-task!

I want to share with you some products i own that i use for more than one thing. It's always a good deal when you buy something that you can use for different things (face, body, lips or cheeks). Here are products that i will tell you about and here's what points i will focus on: what it's for and what i use it for.

Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Earth Sheer
I think these blushes are really good quality. This particular color has small shimmers in it so its great as a highlight on your cheeks. It's soft and easy to blend and work with. What i also use it for is as a highlight for my brow bone and you can also you use it as an eyeshadow for the lid.

Mac blush in On a Mission
(from the Style Warrior collection)
This blush is a mauve/pink blush. It has a slight sheer tone to it. It gives my cheeks a nice glow and color. I also use it as an eyeshadow. I will post an FOTD soon so you can see how you can use it. If you're wearing a pink look it goes well or if you wear a purple look it goes even better. Best part: you have so much product for an eyeshadow!

Stila Convertible color in Orchid
I got this in a Stila set. I haven't used it much because the color is too much sometimes but it works really well. It's pigmented enough to use as a cheek/lip stain for an occasion requiring a more bold shade. It works as a cream blush for your cheeks and as a pressed lipstick for your lips.

Stila All over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer
With this you really can use it for a lot of things. I have a small sample of it. The actual size is a lot larger than this. It's a very sheer peachy/champagne luminizer with a golden tone to it. You can use it for lips, lids, cheeks and collarbones. When you need a sheen for a night out i suggest this one.

Urban Decay Bronzer in Baked
I love the sheer tone to this bronzer. I mentioned in another post that it reminds me of the Mac mineralize finish. Don't use it for your entire face if you have oily skin. I've done that and it was not attractive at all LOL! Use it to highlight your face meaning your cheekbones, nose if you want and a tiny bit on your forehead. What i also use it for is as a brow bone highlight. If it matches your skin tone it works perfect to just give a soft sheer look.

Personal Mac Lip Erase
I've made a separate post about this before. I use this every single day. It moistuirzes my lips and tones down my natural pigmentation so lipsticks can show their true color when i apply them. I think this could work with Carmex, i know someone asked me that before. It's up to you as long as you don't apply concealer directly because it will dry out your lips. Check out more details HERE
Questions? Suggestions?


  1. I love the tip about mixing vaseline with concealer, I like wearing light lip colors and for my pigmented lips, this idea is perfect. I've been reading blog for a while and I think you have great tips...I just got a blogger account and started my own so hope you can check it out and maybe even follow at

  2. I'm glad you like it =) Thanks so following your blog =)