Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LV speedy dupe? LOL!

I was in desperate need for a new bag! The one i had was getting on my nerves and i get bored of bags so easily i have to change them all the time. So i was looking through all the bags i own (which are too many for my own good!) and i came across this one which i got as a gift a while ago. It's from the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly.
They still have the perfumes but im not sure that if it still comes with a bag like this. Anywho!... i really thought i was going to be too small to fit anything in it. Then as i was putting my stuff in it i realized its super spacious! It reminded me of the Louis Vuitton speedy! ?25? (which im dying to get btw!) - hence the title lol.
I've been wearing for about two days and i'm loving it! Its so tiny and it looks sooo pretty i love it. I have all i need in it. My mom was asking me if i just have my makeup bag in there LOL! Then i showed her how everything fits in it and she was amazed too!
I love the color also.
Its a mauvy pink, very soft feel and with the margins and handle of the bag looking like snake skin. Best part: The inside look and feel! It's soft leopard skin material! I love it! I think i'll be wearing it for a while LOL!__________________________
What do you think of it?


  1. That bag looks super cute! :) I love the inside and the color!!!

  2. thanks dolls! i'm loving the look and space in this bag =)