Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's in my school makeup bag?

For school i have a separate makeup bag that i carry with me. I feel like i don't have to carry too many things with me to school, so i only put essentials. I have this Coach signature swingpack. I took off the band that was attached and i just use the pouch itself. For my books i obviously use a bigger bag and this Coach pouch fits well in there too. So here's what i carry with me...
1) Puffs to-go tissues - obviously i love these haha you always need to have tissues with you no matter where you fit them!
2) Kirkland brush - i just have brush with me for the palette i have or if i need some sort of touch up and i miss when i get ready and i rush.
3) Carmex lip balm Strawberry flavor - just in case my lips get all chappy and dry, i have this and it works great.
4) Elizabeth Arden palette - i've had this for awhile from some set my mom got. I like it because it has a mirror and four colors in case i need some touch up on my eyes.
5) GNC pill holder keychain - my little pharmacy of course! i have some advil and midol in it... just in case lol
6) Revlon Beyond Natural lipgloss - i dont wear this too much so i just stuck it in this makeup bag. I love the smell and taste of it though
7) Nail files - i always have issues with my nails when they grow long so i like having these in case of emergencies lol
8) Alcohol swab - im not exactly sure why i have these haha but they might come in handy some day lol
9) Sue Devitt eye pencil - its a black liner i used a while back. I forgot the color name but its the black one. I like it because it has a smudger on one side and it comes in handy if i have to smoke out my eyes.
10) Nail clipper - just in case lol
11) Dior Miss Dior Cherie sample - im not sure why i carry this because i dont really like it that much lol but sometimes if im really in a rush i forgot to put on perfume so i have this.
12) Band-aids - you never know when you might need a band aid lol
What do you carry with you to school?


  1. I pretty much carry the same things. :) But wow! I did NOT know that Carmex made strawberry flavor. I'll hafta go hunting for that!!! Great post! :)

  2. cuteeee post. I have the same purse as yours :) haaa kleenex I ALWAYS need them but NEVER carry them, I must find a tiny package like yours to carry around lol.

  3. @Mellie - haha yea they do! Its a lot better than the regular tube

    @TheDreamerxoxo - LOL! you can find them at walgreens they're very handy!