Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's talk about Eyeliners!

I thought i'd make a post addressing eyeliners. There are various types you could use. You have the liquid liners, pencil liners and cream liners. I don't think one is better than the other necessarily, it depends on personal preference. I've tried and used various ones so i feel i have a good idea of which ones are good and which ones you should avoid or at least think twice about buying. When i first started out with makeup, i was careful about my eyes because they were always sensitive. So i got into Almay. This drugstore brand is hypoallergenic. So if you find that you have sensitive eyes to certain makeup go ahead and look into it. I was really into liquid liners because i used to wear the cat eye a lot. Here's a list of the liquid liners i tried and used.
Almay Liquid Liner
it's a water resistant formula that lasts up to 16 hours without irritation. The flex-tip makes it easy to control and line the eye. I think i used up about two of these so i really love it. The color is intense and lasts all day like it says. I highly recommend it if you're into hypoallergenic makeup or just starting out.

Stila Convertible Lash + Line
i got this online from beautycrunch.com. Bad experience. At the moment it's dry. When i got it i had to keep grabbing product to finish lining my upper lashline. I'm not sure if they have this anymore, or if all are like this. If you know please let me know because i've had a terrible experience with this.

WetnWild H2O Proof liner

ok so i tried this just to see how it is... i hated it! It flaked on me and smudged so bad by the end of the day. If you tried it and had a good experience im apologize for my disliking lol i tried it two or three time after which i just threw it out.

Revlon ColorStay liquid liner
this is the one i use every now and then. I love it. The color is very intense and lasts all day. The wand is very handy so it makes it easy to glide on. Best part is that it doesn't dry on me. I can line my entire upper lash line just going once.

Liquid liners i really want to try...
Stila Kajal Eye Liner
i think i've went through about three of these since i discovered it lol aside from the fact that it finishes really fast, i used it a lot. It's very creamy and i absolutely love how easy you can blend it if you want a smoked out look. Also the intensity of the color is amazing. You don't even need to apply too much pressure to get the color you want. The one thing i never liked about it though was that it would run or smudge too easy by the end of the day. So i would have to check my makeup but other than that i love it.

Almay Eyeliner
oh almay the love of my life lol! this was my first eyeliner i used when i started using pencil liners. I loved how easy it was to work with. It's a retracktable pencil so you don't have to be bothered by sharpening it all the time. In case you do, there's a small sharpener on the other side that comes out. If you're just starting out with makeup i suggest this. I cannot stress enough the good quality of Almay cosmetics. It's afordable and i was personally very happy with it.

Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil
I've used this after Stila. I wanted to check what the whole rave was about. It's a great eyeliner i love it. It's soft and works great for smudging. The one thing that bothers me sometimes is that it's not as intense as i'd like it to be. I feel like i have to go over it a few times to get the intense look im looking for. The great thing about it is that it lasts the whole day and doesn't run or anything.

Sephora eyeliner pencil
I did not like this pencil at all. It was hard and i had to press to get any color on my eyes. The cool thing about is that it has a smudger on the other end but even that is a bit awkard the way its slanted. I find it hard to work with. I still have this pencil i couldn't really stand using it lol

L'oreal Intense Eyeliner pencil
my favorite drugstore pencil right now! If Stila and Urban Decay had a baby this would be it. Great intensity, smooth, easy to smudge and lasts all day. If you haven't checked this out i highly suggest you do.

Sue Devitt Eye intensifier pencil
i got this because i was out of eyeliner and they didnt have urban decay 24/7 so the lady that was there sold me this. I used up a lot of it. It does intensify the eye and it glides on smoothly. It has a smudger so you can work with it how you want. What i didn't like about it was that it did irritate my eyes a bit. Has anyone tried or heard of it?
Stila Smudge Pot
I was really excited when i ordered this online from beautycrunch.com in a set with other things. Unfortunately i was dissapointed with what i got. I'm not sure if what i got was messed up from the seller or all the smudge pots are this way. The one i got dries out super quickly. It's not easy to work with at all. I have to keep dipping my brush to pick up more product and apply it. It doesn't go on smoothly. I'm sad i had a bad experience with this. I'm curious to check them out at Sephora and see how they are.

L'oreal HIP cream liner
This one i'm sure is everyones favorite. A lot of people don't like the brush it comes with, but i personally don't mind it i think it works just fine. It's a very smooth formula and it simply glides on the eye. It dries fast so it stays put throughout the day. You can intensify your eye however you like it. I've used it on my waterline and it worked great. Be careful if you do this, it might irritate your eye, so check carefully. I recommend it because its affordable and you get a lot of product that will last you a while.

Cream/Gel Liners i really want to try...


  1. Great eyeliner post! I am absolutely in love with black eyeliner, so this definitely comes in handy for me, haha. For liquid liner, I use L'Oreal Lineur Intense and I am absolutely in love with it, though from your review I am interested in trying Revlon ColorStay. I have the Stila Kajal in Topaz and I was wondering about the other colors as well since I'm so in love with it. I'll for sure give it a try, as well as the L'Oreal Intense eyeliner since this isn't the first time I've heard about it. For the gel liners, I've got Blacktrack and I absolutely love it! I'll probably pass on the Stila Smudge Pot for now, though. Thanks for the great post! :)

  2. Wow so much detail! I really love the L'oreal HIP gel liners and the Stila eye Kajal. I have the Maybelline gel liner in the purple shade and I'm not too fond of it.

  3. you should really try blacktrack from MAC and bobbi brown's great stuff highly recommended

  4. @Mellie - im so glad the post helped =)

    @Glossifyed - hmm i guess ill skip on the Maybelline gel liner, thanks for letting me know =)

    @Mahvash - im definitely looking into getting on my hands on them soon =)

  5. great post on liners! i love the loreal hip cream liner. It glides on really smoothly and lasts all day. I also really like the brush it comes with. however, when i want a thinner line i use my sonia kashuk slanted eye liner brush. I can't wait to try the loreal lineur intense next.