Friday, March 19, 2010

My H.I.P Collection!

I don't have too many L'oreal HIP products but the one i do own are amazing! I think all HIP products whether its cream liners, eyeshadows or their new eye pencils, are all worth the price. I own three eyeshadow duos and two cream liners. I used to have the black cream liner but i used it all up lol! I forgot i also purchased one of their pigments and i pressed it. All their pigments are great when used wet. If you use them dry they don't show up as well and their very messy...(pigments duh!).
For good quality eyeshadows i would definitely recommend the L'oreal HIP duos. They come with a little compartment on the bottom with a sponge applicator and a small mirror. They are very pigmented and easy to blend and work with. I haven't tried their matte collection yet but ill be looking into it. The three duos i own are Showy, Devious and Charming. The two cream liners i own are Teal and Midnight Blue.

Showy 224 -
i love this duo. I wore it all the time last summer. The duo comes with a gorgeous teal and a matte blue. I read that the teal color is a great dupe for Mac Parrot eyeshadow that came out with the Salsabelle collection back in 2004. The shade is hard to come by so it's nice to have a dupe for it.
I'm not sure if they re-launched it after or if they will. Either way, this HIP shadow is very pigmented and easy to blend. To give the eye some depth, i blend the matte blue in the crease. If there was any eyeshadow duo i'd recommend for summer it would definitely be this one.

Devious 336 - i haven't used this much but i really love the colors and i might make some use of it soon. They're very soft and feel like a satin finish. Very easy to blend. Can work with each other or on their own. I call this my Starbucks duo haha! It comes with a green shade which is a deep green and a brown which is like a deep cool brown (does that make sense)...No shimmer or glitters, just like a sheer feel and look to it.

Charming 519
- i'm having mixed feelings about this one. The colors are amazing when swatched. But once you pat it on the lid, they dont show up as great. I did try them wet and it worked a lot better otherwise it ends up on my cheek and it's no fun. You can tell by the picture that it's a messy eyeshadow. I do love the colors especially the purple one. They seem to be sort of shimmery/mettalic.

Teal 945 - I used this a lot again the past summer to line my top lash line. I would wear it with the Showy eyeshadow duo. You can also use it as a base to intensify a teal color. I would recommend putting on a base before it because it tends to crease on its own. It's a gorgeous teal color with small silver/gold shimmers in it.

Midnight Blue 956 - I love wearing this as a darker base to make eyeshadows stand out if im doing a smokey eye look. It's easy to work it, all the cream liners are very soft. It's a gorgeous dark navy blue shade with small blue/silver sparkles in it.


  1. Wow, Devious 336 looks great! I haven't tried HIP products though!

  2. Nice collection! All the colours are so pretty.

  3. I love hip eyeshadows, they are very quality and pigmented! I love the ones you got! So pretty!

  4. The midnight blue cream shadow is so fabulous...

    Yet to get my hands on this range.

  5. @Gaby - I highly recommend the HIP products. They're amazing quality for drugstore brand

    @Zerin - thanks doll! =)

    @Ebru - they're my favorite for drugstore kind..thanks! =)

    @G.G.G - its gorgeous =)