Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tag: What's in my bag??

Ok so i thought it was time for an update post of "What's in my bag?". The last one i did was back in 2010. I don't think much has changed since LOL! I generally carry the same type of 1034567 items even if they do change a little bit. You can check out the past post HERE.
Lately i've really been loving the messenger type of bags. They're so much easier to carry around rather than having a mini luggage on one shoulder. The one that i have right now is this Prada bag, which i've had for the longest time but never wore it across my body till recently. It has an adjustable strap but always had it short so i can wear it like a regular bag. Also, in case anyone will mention this, it's obviously not an authentic Prada bag. I got it from a purse party that my aunt hosted a bunch of years ago. A purse is a purse no matter if it's real or fake, as long as it does what it's meant to do i love it. 

Ok so with that said here's what the inside kinda looks like...
Making this post and taking the pictures made me realize how much stuff i carry with me all the time LOL. I seriously tried to take out of the things in here so i can make things a bit lighter for me but there's no chance of me letting go of my "just in case" stuff. So here's everything dumped out neatly.
- Wallet: it pretty much carries all the cards and receipts that i need to just have with me
- Coach Wristlet: I keep my liscence and credit card in here. In case i need to go somewhere quick and don't wanna carry my whole bag with me, i just grab this with me.
- Makeup Bag (details bellow)
- House keys and a pound of keychains 
- Small brush/mirror
- Post it notes
- Coupons for Target
- Flash drive (don't ask haha)
- Scope (for fresh breath) LOL
- Tide To-Go: this stuff actually works. Saved a white shirt once when i spilled a little coffee on it. I was very excited that it actually removed the stain in like 15 minutes.
- Highlighter and Pen: in case i need to highlight something? I have an obsession with carrying highlighters with me in any/every bag i own haha
- Pink/Blue travel size spray bottles: I filled them up with two of my favorite body mists so i can have it on the to go in case i forget to spray it on or if the smell goes away 
- Apple Citrus body lotion: love the smell of this!
- First aid kit: just in case lol i have band-aids and a neosporin in there haha
- GNC pill holder: my mom calls this my mini pharmacy LOL! It has different compartments so i can carry different pills without having them mix. I have midol and advil in there.
- Q-tips: i honestly don't know in what case i would be needing these haha but "just in case". I really loved the packaging to be honest LOL!
- Puffs tissues and Wet Ones 
- My iTouch with the cute sock LOL

I honestly have NO idea how all this fits in the bag but it does haha. My brother told me if i had to take a random trip without stopping home to pack, he thinks i would be good for a while since all i need is in the bag... i think i agree...

Makeup Bag
If the content in the whole bag wasn't enough, the makeup bag itself has a bunch of nonsense that i carry with me at all time... you know... just in case LOL
- The little makeup bag is from Target and it's Sonia Kashuk
- Revlon lip gloss in Peach Petal
- Barry M 100 lipstick
- Nivea lip balm
- Revlon Smooth Nude lipstick
- Dental floss "?"
- Mentha lip shine gloss
- Nail files 
- Urban Decay liners - Zero and Lucky
- Brushes - blush, shadow and angled 
- Sleek Blush
- Mac Togetherness trio
- Three perfume samples 
- Tweezers 

Ok so that's pretty much all i have in my bag. I think it's plenty don't you think? haha I always like to be prepared and have everything. There isn't one item that i didn't make use of at whatever occasion. I always have everything that's needed and everyone that knows me knows that LOL. My family and best friend always pick on me for carrying soooo much with me but anytime they ask for a band-aid, gloss, nail file or a pen, im sure to have it. I love it haha

What about YOU? Do you find yourself carrying as many things as i do or do you limit yourself to your keys and wallet? If you have a post of what's in your bag, post the link bellow i would LOVE to see it =)


  1. I love these kinds of posts. I carry a ton of stuff around with me too! :D

  2. That's a Lot of stuff! But I'm loving everything ;) I haven't tried Sleek maybe one day I will!

  3. Nice post. lots of goodies you have in your bag :)