Monday, July 18, 2011

REVIEW: KKCenterhk Lashes

This is the second time that i have tried lashes from KKCenterhk. I have done a post in the past with the first sets of lashes i was sent for review and i was really please. Click HERE to re-visit the review.

Unlike the previous sets, these are a different brand - AK - and each package comes with 5 pairs of lashes. I had the chance to try out each type of lash so i can give you my honest opinion about them individually. I was sent three boxes of five pairs each of this particular brand that come in a yellow/orange little skinny box. The numbers are 605, 608 and 610 - all are priced $12.50.
AK Brand Eyelashes HandMade AK-605
 I think these would be my favorite out of all of them. Because they're handmade, they have a natural look to them. In the box you can tell that they start short in the corner and get long then end short again. That's not a problem, because the lashes are long so i had to resize them for my eye. It leave the lash with a winged look to it and it looks great once you put it on. My favorite part about the lashes is that band that bends easily and adjusts to the eye so it stays on really well. I think they're very naturally dramatic and i really love the long luscious lash effect if gives.
AK Brand Eyelashes HandMade AK-608
 These are my least favorite lashes. They were a bit hard to work with. I found the band of the lash to be a bit rough to bend and it was a bit too thick. If you look closely to the picture on the left, you can see the band, so it doesn't make it look very natural. Another thing, the lashes themselves are so short! The main reason i (and everyone else im sure) wear lashes is to make the eye open up with long gorgeous lashes - unless your already blessed with a great pair. These particular ones didn't do it for me. It just felt heavy on the lid and didn't add much to my natural babies. These would probably work for someone who would want to just add more lashes of the same length as your natural ones.
AK Brand Eyelashes HandMade AK-610 
 I really love these lashes also. They do resemble the first set above, but it is slightly different. They are just as long and have that winged effect to them. I find that these seem to add fullness, not just length. Once you add mascara if gives it that full long lash effect, whereas the first set would get just the length effect. I found myself switching between the sets 605 and 610 because they all add they're own that extra glam to different looks. Again the band of these are also easy to work with and very adjustable. Love it!
Pros: Easy to work with (605,610), looks natural, adds length and fullness, stays on.
Cons: Plastic band thats hard to work with (608), short lashes.
Overall opinion: I love that it comes in pairs and you can have a collection of lashes handy anytime. They look natural and are easy to work with for the most part. They're definitely worth it.
Disclaimer: I was sent these for review purpose by the representative of the company. 
I was not paid for this review and what i've said is my honest opinion.

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