Monday, July 18, 2011

HAUL - Urban Decay Goodies!

Urban Decay recently had a 25% off discount deal on their website and i just had to take advantage of it and order some things i had my eye on for a while now. If you don't know already, i'll tell you now that Urban Decay is my favorite brand of makeup for their eye shadows. I love the variety, quality and best of all, their palettes. They release new palettes often and they never disappoint, even though the shades seem to be repeating themselves, they're all worth having - in my opinion.
Ok so with that said, here's what i picked up: Feminine Palette, Mary Jane single eyeshadow and a Primer tube
Urban Decay Feminine Palette 
 This is one of the three different palettes that have their own personality - Feminine, Dangerous and Fun. I made a post in the past about all the palettes, so check it out HERE. I kind of had a hard time picking deciding which palette i should go for. They all seem to have shades that i would wear. I feel like each of us doesn't just have one of these traits - we're all feminine and fun but can be dangerous at times too ;) ...I chose the Feminine palette for now because it has more of everyday/summery shades that i would find myself wearing right now. It comes with 6 different shades, that are also found as single eye-shadows. Stray Dog is one of my favorite shades that i've used up in one of UDs palettes in the past. Darkhorse is found in the Naked Palette if you own that, and im glad i got it again because ive hit pan in the nakedness. The rest of the shadows are very soft shades that work great with the browns so you can play around with this palette. Im excited to post some FOTDs using it and sharing with you various ways that i like to combine the colors. The palette also comes with a 24/7 eye pencil in Zero - of course - and a small sizes eye-shadow primer in Eden, which is a matte nude shade.
Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Mary Jane
 I'm really in love with this shade. I swatched it before a while back when i went to Sephora and i always had my eye on it. It's a metallic finish with mild shimmers. The shade is a silvery blue with some dark undertone. It works amazing with a darker shadow in the crease to create a nice bright smokey eye look. I will come up with a few looks with it, i feel like i will be using this eyeshadow a lot. I would definitely recommend it if you like metallic or silvery shades.
Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original 
 I love that Urban Decay finally came out with an easy squeeze-able tube for the primer potion. It works so much easier, because you can control how much you can use and i feel like you don't waste product like the wand primer potion. The fill weight is also 11ml e 0.37 US fl oz unlike the 10ml e 0.34 US fl. oz. that comes in the bottle form. The tube is priced $1 more than the bottle but you can a lot more benefits and i find it a lot easier to work with. I was very happy to get my hands on this primer.
That's about it for my haul! 


  1. Love it!! I just revieved the "Dangerous Palate" as a birthday gift it also has some great colors!

  2. @Dani - the "dangerous palette" was my second choice LOL! I will check out your review

    @LipGlossGossip - thanks doll!

  3. Great swatches, I wish Urban Decay was available where I live!

  4. Great haul! I love Urban Decay! And I am so happy that the primer potion now comes in a squeeze-tube form. So much more convenient than the bottle. :)

  5. It is always difficult deciding which color palette is going tow work out best for you.I think you have to study each color and see when and how you will need it.mineral makeup

  6. ooh i love urban decay the feminine palette looks so pretty x