Friday, July 29, 2011

Tag: What are my go-to products?!

I recently saw this type of post on Nattys blog (HERE) and i thought it's a such a good idea! We all find ourselves pressured by time...i know i do all the time. I always think i have enough time when i get ready but then i end up taking forever. My mom tells me i have to get ready at least two hours before anything so i can be ready LOL! I always like to take my time when i do my makeup for just two simple reasons. One is i really want it to look nice and not walk one looking like a messy clown. Second, i really enjoy the process of putting makeup on. It's art and i enjoy making myself look pretty - who doesn't like that right!?
Ok so with that said, here are the go-to products that i love using...

Read more for details on each products shown!

 When picking your go-to products, you want to think of the ones that won't disappoint you and that you know for sure work for you. Since there's no time for error or making decisions, you need products that even have multi-purposes so you can basically kill two birds with one stone. Here are some of my favorites!...

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Warm Golden - no matter how much time i have, the foundation to me is a must. My face is really pale and the red spots make everything look really uneven, so adding foundation gives my face some life. The foundation to me also works as a concealer - after i apply it all over my face, i go back and pat more of it on spots that weren't covered. Another foundation that i really love is Sally Hansens Natural Beauty in Sandy Beige.
Covergirl & Olay under eye concealer - i actually still have mixed feelings about this concealer because it sometimes cakes by the end of the day, but it works well right now. I will write a separate review on this soon so stay tuned for that.
Sephora Sculpting Disc - this works really well when im in a rush because it has it all. I do three things with just this one products - the middle part is the powder which sets my foundation, the left is the bronzer which i use below my cheekbones and forehead, and some blush that adds a nice glow to the face. I love this product, i need more, as you can tell i hit pan!
Wet'N'Wild Dark Brown pencil - fillings in my eyebrows feels like a must to me. They are uneven and sort of all over the place if i dont shape them up with a pencil. I've been using this pencil for a while now. The color is perfect to me and the waxy formula tames my eyebrows and makes them stay in place for the rest of the day.
UDPP in Sin - i like this specific primer because its a bit shimmery and adds some glow to the eyes without doing too much.
Covergirl SmokeyShadowBlast in Bronze Fire - I normally don't wear this product, but i feel like it works great when im on the go. I use the darker side in my outer corner and blend it towards my crease to give my eye a shadow and open it up a bit. I use the lighter side to highlight my browbone and inner corner.
UD 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero - i just use a little black liner to outline the rims of my eyes and blend a little in my outer corner for a smokey effect.
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara in Very Black - this is my new favorite mascara ever. It adds volume to my lashes and give them a little life without having to wear falsies. My natural lashes are pretty short and this mascara helps them stand out a little bit without looking to over dramatic.
EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop - i LOVE these little things, they're so cute. It's a great lip balm that works great on the lips, smell and taste great. I think im going to do a separate post on it because i really love their products.
Barry M 100 and Mac Frankly Fresh gloss lip combo - this is pretty much my signature lip combo right now, i absolutely love it. Again i will make a separate post on this to show you swatches of each and what they look like on their own.

Eco Tools brush:this is my universal brush. I use it to put on the setting powder, blush and bronzer. It cleans easy with a dry cloth so i dont mix blushes with bronzers, that's why its easy for me to use it for pretty much anything powdery that would go on my face.
Mac 187SE: i got this back in december and i've been using it ever since to apply my foundation. I know that a lot of people have told me it's not as good as the full sized 187 but it still works really great for me, minus the few shedding which is normal for any brush. It's quick and handy to use.
Kirkland Angled brush: I think we can figure out what this is for LOL It does it all for my eyebrows and i love it.

That's pretty much everything that i need if im rushing to go somewhere or don't feel like spending too much time putting on any makeup. It probably seems like a lot of products to keep in mind to use, but it's really not all that bad. Most of these things just come naturally to me to just reach for that are handy and don't ever let me down. I know what to expect when i do use them and they work great together to create a decent look when im rushing.

What are some of YOUR go-to products?! Make a post or if you already did share with me the link below, i would love to see what you choose to use!


  1. This post sounded almost exactly like me! Your first paragraph was on point! And I use alot of the same products! Crazy! I enjoy reading stuff like this! Thanks!

  2. love the look of the sephora sculpting disk!!...too bad im in the UK :(