Sunday, September 12, 2010

NOTD - Barry M Mushroom

Finally i decided to wear this color. It always feels weird when i wear darker colors. I feel like it makes my skin look weird and makes me feel like a bad-ass LOL! This is a gorgeous color though. It's like a chocolate gray brownish color (if that makes any sense) LOL It's a perfect color for fall i love it. It's very opaque and i only applied one coat! I didn't think i needed two because it's just going to peal off. I don't need a top coat because it's shinny enough on its own. It's a perfect shade i highly recommend checking it out if you can.
What do you think about this color?
Do you recommend any fall shades that you love wearing?


  1. This is what i'm wearing right now !! and you are so right it's a chocolate grey brownish color kind a taupe ish to lol

  2. It is a very nice nail polish. I like it.

  3. I love it! I have like 20 barry Ms but not this one, need to get my hands on it, you make it look so pretty! x

  4. I love this colour! :) xxx

  5. This is my fav colour everrrr :D

  6. @Make up by Yass - its gorgeous! i didnt know how else to describe it haha

    @Lulu21- thanks doll!=)

    @LilyRibbons - Its a must have for fall. I love the Barry M, im lookin to swap for more in the future

    @neekeexoxo - Me too! =)

    @Emmy - Mine too! =)

  7. I love Mushroom! I wish they would have called it a prettier name though because I hate mushroom's lol! :)

  8. barry m have such wonderful colours! i really love a lilacy pastel shade i have, it has to be my favourite :)
    Olivia x

  9. I am not really a fan of brown shades for nails... This fall I am going for greys and purples. Thanks so much for these pictures!

  10. @Get Gawjus! - its lovely i recommend it =)

    @LaaLaa Monroe - It is isn't it..great for fall

    @Gem - haha i dont mind the name, the color is a better choice lol

    @Olivia RPS - Yea im looking to get more colors eventually. They have a nice selection

    @Catanya - I love greys and purples, i was looking into that too i just cant find good ones yet lol

  11. where did you get your Barry M??

    thanks doll!

  12. @BerryBlusher - i got it in a swap with one of my subscribers =)