Sunday, September 12, 2010


So i went to Target...again lol and i got a few goodies. If you haven't noticed Target is my new favorite place to go, it has like everything i need so its convenient and i love it. I got a makeup remover (again!) and I finally found E.L.F products! There are about three different Targets around where i live and i never go to the same one. I always look for Elf stuff but never find it and now i found a whole rack with their products. They had a bunch of eyeshadows, lip products, blushes and brushes but i settled for just these three things because i wanted these for now.

First thing i reached for was this blush/bronze duo. It's famous for being a great dupe for Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo. Even though i don't own the Nars duo, i would say its very similar. The consistancy is great. It's very soft and applied easily. The blush is a peacy/pink with golden shimmer. The bronzer is a nice shade with no shimmer, but not matte either. It feels like a satiny finish. It is however a bit powdery and dusty when i run a brush in it, but it picks up a lot of product so it works great. I'm very happy with it and it was only $3!

I wanted to get one of the black studio brushes but i dont know why i didn't LOL I got this angled brozing brush for $1. I thought why not get a brush type that i don't have. The bristles are a red/marooon color. It is soft but sturdy at the same time. It's great to use for contouring or applying little blush. I don't like blending with it because the bristles are a bit rough if you use the circular motions. Next time i go ill reach for the studio brushes, because these dollar ones are not really worth it for the face.

I needed a new concealer and wanted to try this one and see how it is. The shade i picked out is Light Beige. It comes with a wand and I actually really love the consitency. It applies liquidy then as you blend it gets creamy and sort of thickens. I was afraid it would crease up below my eyes but it didn't, it lasted the whole day. It doesn't really have that good of a coverage. I feel like it works better all over my face because it tames down the redness i have. It doesn't cover dark circles under my eyes (or maybe because im sick it didn't work). I'll do a separate post about it if anything changes.
Here are some swatches
(click to enlarge)

In other non-beauty related news...
I got my coffee! LOL
I also got these International Delight Coffee House flavors that i LOVE putting in my coffee for an amazing twist. I got all three flavors that they had- Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte, White Chocolate Mocha. If you go to the international delight coffee website you can find different recipes for how you can use them for coffee, tea and other goodies. If you love coffee like i do, i highly recommend these!
What do you think of E.L.F? Do you have any favorite products from them?
Oh and how do YOU like your coffee? =)


  1. Great goodies! I have not tried anything from ELF yet but the contouring and bronzing duo is always in my wish list.
    We do not have that coffee brand here but I would love to try it since I am currenctly addicted to iced-coffee!!

  2. Ooh that blush/bronzer duo looks quite good! I've only recently bought 2 elf studio brushes and their normal eyeshadow one. They're really good! It was my first order and i'd probably buy a few more brushes from them. That blush/bronzer duo is definitely going to be in my next order though! :) xxx

  3. i actually have the ELF nars knockoff. its not as pigmented obviously but it does the job! its really subtle and perfect for everyday wear.

  4. That's cool that you can buy ELF products at your local target! And those coffee flavors look yummy!

  5. @Catanya - Elf seems really good. Im really happy with what i got so im curious to try out more..and coffee=love

    @Curves ahead makeup - They make my cup of coffee so much better <3 lol

    @neekeexoxo - I dont know why i didnt get the studio brush i wanna kick myself lol oh well ill get some next time lol

    @jetgirl - i actually like it..for the price i was surprised it works lol

    @Gaby - I know i was super excited to see the ELF stuff! The coffee flavors are amazing indeed lol