Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dedication- To my beautiful best friend

Today my best friend is celebrating her birthday and i just wanted to dedicate a post to her.
We know each other since freshman year in high school. She became my best friend the next year and we were each others shadow. I relied on her with everything, as she did with me. I can honestly say we're like sisters. We understand each other perfectly and always know what to say to make each others lives bearable. Both of us went through rough times, but were always there for each other so we were not alone ever. There are sooooo many memories i could list that i have with her that are just stuck in my head and shapes our relationship and what we are.
Even though i moved away from NY, we still have that bond that will never be broken by anything or anyone. I miss her dearly and i hope we can visit one another soon and celebrate all the holidays, birthdays and parties that we missed in each others lives.
She's a married woman now, and has grown so much. I am very proud of everything she accomplished and what she will achieve in the future. She's a tiny person, but has a huge heart and an amazing personality and she will always be special to me no matter who walks in or out of my life.

Dearest Dom,
If you get to read this i hope you can come visit me soon so we can go crazy like i promised you LOL! You are my bestest friend. Always were, always will be. No matter what happens, where life takes us, you are with me and i am with you always. I love you dearly!

Thanks to all the dolls who read this =)


  1. aww how sweet! my best friend and i met in 6th grade! xoxo

  2. aww thats amazing =) i love long friendships lol