Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review and My New Bedtime Regimen!


For the past week i tried out this new nightly regimen that requires only two products. A cleanser and a toner! It works for me so well! I have extremely oily skin and there isn't anything that really works for me so i don't have to wake up with an oily forehead and nose. Up until now i would cleanse my face with Cetaphil and it was good for the time i used it but didn't purchase it again. Instead i got Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I love it! I wouldn't exactly call it a foam though lol it feels like its a cream that i massage on my face after i wet it a bit and it removes the oil, dirt and my foundation! I am absolutely fascinating by the idea of this being a cleanser AND a make-up remover lol After i wash my face with it my skin feels fresh and is very soft. After i pat my face dry i use a toner. I really love the Olay refreshing toner. It's good for all skin types and isn't harsh on my face at all. So i've been doing this every night religiously for the past week and i noticed i dont wake up with an oily forehead anymore! My skin feels extremely soft and i feel that even my pores got smaller and i have clear skin. I'm very happy i finally found something that im satisfied with. I always hear great things about Neutrogena and how well it works to minimize pores and really help clear out the skin. It really works! I purchased the cleanser at Walgreens for $7.29. If im not mistaken i think it's on sale this week for about $5.99 so i have to go get some more lol. The toner i've had for a while but haven't really used much of it till recently then appareantly everyone else in the house did too haha! I also got it at Walgreens for only $3.59! It's my favorite toner of all time.
So that's my review and new bedtime regimen that im loving at the moment =)

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