Thursday, October 15, 2009

HAUL - Ulta

I've had these things for a few days now when i went to Ulta and got some good deals (including a coupon). I didn't get around to make a post about it but here it is now.
Ulta products were on special deal of buy 3 get 3 free. I got 3 eyeshadows for myself and my mom got one for herself which i won't include because she has it with her. I also got two body lotions/creams that i'm really loving. I will probably do a review on them and talk about them in more detail in another post. In the picture you're going to see only one because the other one wasn't working and i had to return it and i dont know why i didnt include it in the picture. One is Strawberry and the other is Cupcake. I also purchased things from L'oreal and NYX. I was not too sure if i should spend money on NYX since i can order them from CherryCulture so much cheaper but my mom really wanted the green trio right then and there so i went ahead and picked up another trio for the buy1get1 deal. From L'oreal i needed a new mascara so i got the famous Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black and the Extra-Intense eyeliner in black which im really loving right now. That's about it. I'm happy with my haul. Enjoy pictures and swatches =)

Ulta (e/s & Smoothies Lotion) , L'oreal, NYX

NYX Trio - Spring Leaf/Lime Green/Green Tea

NYX Trio - Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink

ULTA eyeshadow
L to R: Flirty, Mosaic, Gunmetal

L'oreal Voluminous Original Mascara is Blackest Black

L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Black

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