Tuesday, October 20, 2009

COACH - Fall Handbag Trend

For me, summer was all about big hobo bags. I was absolutely obsessed with those because it was easy to carry around and fit just about anything and everything in it lol. Now that fall is here, big hobo bags don't fit my fancy anymore for some reason lol. Im looking for a smaller more sturdy and of season. I was looking through my handbags and i found my Coach one that i got for my birthday last year and fell in love all over again with it... so i figured i will postpone getting a new handbag just yet. Maybe for my birthday ill ask for one =)! ...Until then im hooked on wearing this one which was in season last year but since i didn't really use it im going to use it now. It's a gorgeous Coach Signature Fall Patchwork Carly (2008). I went to the Coach website to see the trend for this year and they're a bit different and i have a few that i set my eyes on. When it comes to handbags im not always looking for specific designer names but Coach has always had my heart no joke. I have a few things from them and i love their way of making they're handbags vary to fit anyones taste when it comes to color, size, texture and even price. I absolutely love it. Here are only a few of the ones that really caught my eye from the new arrivals on their website. Im in love with the warm colors that they came out with. They fit the season so perfectly. The colors are dark yet fun and not too dull. A lot of leather and metallic colors which is definitely the trend right now lol

(L to R) Metallic Ocelot Audrey $398 , Signature Sateen Lurex $268 , Annie - $798

They are so simple yet so gorgeous i love them
I should add just any Coach handbag to my wish list... any would make me happy lol
So here's my Coach handbag at the moment =)

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