Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows!

 This is a very long overdue post i know! But i figured i would mention these since some of you might have picked some up. After reading some reviews online on these eyeshadows i was a little hesitant to get them. However, after seeing them in person for myself and swatching them i fell in love so i knew i had to have them. The formula is i think something new for Mac and i have to say its really amazing. They are extremely soft and velvety to the touch and feels like a cloudy delight. All new 12 colors are quite unique in their own way although i found like i could live without certain shades. These 4 are the ones that stood out to me the most. I keep trying to find words to explain the formula but i think you just have to go feel it for yourself. Its heavenly pigmented and almost feels wet to the touch but with one swipe the dry frosty beautiful shade just stands out like no other. The shades are all very metallic and somewhat shimmery, which i personally love, but if shimmer is not your thing then you may stray away from this collection. Since that's all i can think of saying generally about the eyeshadows, im going to talk a little about each one that i own and my experience with them since i did take the time to try them before i actually say something about them. I did not wear them all over the lid yet so im not sure whether it would crease or not. I will keep you all updated about it.
Electroplate - is described as a cool gunmetal gray, though i do feel it has a slight purple hint to it with light sparkle and metallic finish. I absolutely love adding this shade under my lower lash line to add some shimmer to my eyes. Works great with gray eyeshadows and with slight purple tint to them - great for brown eyes. The one downside about it, that really isnt a big deal but i feel i should mention, is that it feels a bit flaky when picked up on a brush and you need to really pack it on carefully. But once on your eyes, its the best.

Superwatt - is described as a light shimmering taupe.This shade is a lot easier to work with and apply on the eyes. It has a great metallic finish and it can brighten up any natural makeup look you do. Applying a little on the inner corners or under the lower lashline can really add some extra dimension and brighten things up a bit. Its really soft so it just glides nicely and blends quite well.

Switch to Blue - is described as a rich cobalt. Its a darker blue that has soft little shimmers and almost looks like a nice satin finish. This shade is the deepest out of all and one that can add a pop of color. I did try wearing it as a top liner, since it is dark enough to be worn as a liner without shrinking the eye, however i found that it creased onto my lid and just made it look like i had a bruised eye - no one wants that! So i only use it if i want to add a little something under my lower lashline to a smokey eye, so it can work great with dark greys and lots of smokeyness.

Fashion Circuit - is described as a bright kelly green. Its a really gorgeous teal color thats more on the green side with slight sparkle and a nice sheen. This is probably my favorite one out of all the ones that i got. Again, this works to add a nice pop of color under your lid and give a bit of sophistication to the look. Ive gotten the most compliments when i wear this and its great to work with. Its really soft and easy to apply and a little does go a long way.
Did you get any of these eyeshadows? 
What do you think?

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