Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One n' Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer

 I have been on the lookout for a new hair dryer since my last one broke - RIP baby CHI dryer, sigh. I went over to Sally Beauty Supply to check some things out. Of course i was a bit overwhelmed with the ton of choices that they have. After what seemed like ages, i decided to pick up the One n' Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer. Its probably one of the best hair dryers ive had in my opinion. It dries my hair really fast and doesn't seem to dry it out like my other one. I also loved that it came with a small size Argan oil, which is really healthy for the hair - from what i know. When i do try it, i will have a separate review post about it with more details on that. When i picked up the dryer, they had a special to get a free brush, i got one of those also, which is really good. You can check out the dryer on Sally website. Here's what they say about it:

  • Professional 1875W AC motor      
  • 6 heat/speed settings      
  • Concentrator nozzle       
  • Removable lint filter       
  • 8-ft power cord        
  • Ionic generator        
The One 'n Only 1875 Watt Argan Heat Ceramic Ionic Dryer features a grill that is infused with Argan Oil, derived from the Argan Tree. Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega-6 and vitamin E. It is valued for its ability to revive and nourish dry, damaged hair. Ceramic provides even heat distribution and emits far-infrared heat for gentle styling, as well as natural ions that reduce frizz and static for smoother, shinier hair. 

 Argan Heat smooths the cuticle for silky and healthy looking hair and eliminates frizz creating brilliant shine. Helps to preserve the color and integrity of hair reviving and conditioning it.

The One 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer is a lightweight dryer weighing just 22 ounces with a professional grade AC motor and ionic generator. Other features include 6 heat/speed settings, cold shot button, concentrator nozzle, removable filter and cold shot button. 
The fact that its an ionic dryer attracted me to it, so it helps the hair stay shiny and healthy. I love that it has a variety of speeds and heat settings, so you can adjust it based on your personal preference. I like to use it on high setting, which helps hair dry really quickly which helps avoid damage in the long run. The one thing that may bother some people would be that it is on the heavy side. Its a fairly large dryer but i don't mind it. I would recommend this dryer if you have frizzy hair like me. It leaves my hair with very little frizz, since my hair has a mind of its own sometimes and likes to be curly. The quick dry hair is time saving, leaving my hair fully dry, soft and shinny. 
  • Leaves hair shinny
  • Little frizz
  • Dries really quickly 
  • Various speeds and heat settings
  • Long cord 
  • Really affordable 
  • Slick look
  • Comes with small Argan oil bottle
  • High setting may sound too loud 
  • Big dryer may be heavy for some 

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