Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review - L'Occitane Bonne Mere

I can honestly say im obsessed with L'occitane. It has so many amazing products that i keep trying and they never disappoint. They also always come out with nice sets that have great value and are worth checking out. One nice set that i recently picked up is the Bonne Mere, which is a new line of lotion and body wash made of milk and honey. Full size bottles are available of course, but this set was too cute to pass.
 It came in this nice tin bowl which is great for storing makeup or other things. The set had both the honey and milk products that look like travel size containers - two body washes, two lotions and a bar of soap.
Bonne Mere, Milk - these are the ones with the blue label and they are lovely products. They leave the skin really smooth and it smells really nice and fresh. I gave these two to my mom because i she really loved the soft scent that wasnt overpowering and just left the skin feeling very soft. The soap smells just the same and its a great addition if your prefer to use a bar of soap instead of body wash.

Bonne Mere, Honey - this scent is my favorite out of the two. I absolutely adore the small lotion. I just throw it in my purse and its really handy. It smells just like honey and almost has a nice earthy scent to it, i absolutely love it. I will definitely buy the full size lotion of the honey one. It leaves the skin extremely soft and not heavy or oily like other lotions that take forever to get absorbed by the skin. Body wash is just the same and feels really amazing, i would recommend checking this scent out.
Have you checked out anything good from L'occitane lately?

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