Sunday, July 8, 2012

My June Favorites!

So i feel like i haven't done a favorites post in a while. I try to talk about products that i haven't really mentioned before...who wants to re-read posts seriously. I will however have a more in depth review on some products that are really worth raving more about. These few products i have been using this past month constantly since i purchased them or re-discovered them in my collection. In no particular order, lets get started!
Australian Gold Forever After moisturizer - i absolutely love this moisturizer. I got it at my local Palm Beach Tanning Salon. It supposed to help maintain the tan while moisturizing your skin and prevent visible fine lines and wrinkles. My skin feels extremely soft and moisturized and really does hold my tan for a while so i dont need to tan as often. Smells like coco butter and vanilla to me so its really nice.

Jergens Natural Glow Firming moisturizer - i have been using this mostly on my legs to keep a tan or gradually keep it anyway since it is a gradual tanning lotion. What i really love about it is the glow it gives my legs. The formula has little shimmers in it without it looking like i got dipped in glitter. I just have a nice summer glow for my legs which i really love. One complain about it is the smell of fake tan but because i love what it does, doesnt bother me as much.

L'Occitane Repair mask for dry and damaged hair - my hair has been really dead lately because i keep using heat products and its breaking down fast. So i needed something to restore life in it a bit and this mask has been working wonders on my hair. I dont want to talk too much about it here because i do want to dedicate a full post on it with more pictures and descriptions - so stay tuned!

L'Occitane Shae Butter foot cream - i heard amazing things about the shae butter and wanted to try it out for myself. Since i stand at work pretty much all day my feet get really rough and dry so i needed something that helps soothe and soften them a bit. I apply the cream at night on clean feet and wear socks. When i wake up i have the softest feet ever. I really love this and i would definitely purchase a full size- since i just wanted to try it out i got the travel size. Maybe hand cream shae butter next?...

Mac Blankety, Mac Perennial High Style and Mac Right Image - these three lip products have been my most used this month. Since i do have a bit of a tan now, my pale lip products dont look as good on me as they used to. Mac Blankety has been my favorite nude lip since i purchased it a few weeks ago. It works extremely well with either the more coral gloss or darker pink depending on the eye makeup i wear, i like to mix it up so thats why i included both.

Mac Blacktrack fluidline - i finally got my hands on this baby and its been my favorite. Its very soft and easy to apply on the eyes. At first swipe is not super dark but you can build on it and i really love that because i dont always want a deep black line but i still want to line my eyes. It lasts all day and i really love it.

Essie 'A Crewed Interest' - i haven't been wearing anything else on my nails but this the past two months. Its the perfect pale coral color that is great for the summer and compliments a tan so beautifully. It's my absolutely favorite nail color and i think it will be for the rest of the summer LOL

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  1. I have the L'Occitane Repair mask for dry and damaged hair and I like it better than the Macademia oil hair mask.. You should the shampoo from the same line.. It's really nice too..

    Great favs!