Sunday, July 8, 2012

MacBook Pro Accessories

I have gotten a few questions about the computer case i posted from my Instagram a few posts ago, so i thought about dedicating a post specially for my dear MacBook Pro. Since getting my new Mac i figured i would treat it like my baby and get nice things to go with it. 

 I personally don't sit at a desk when im on the computer. I always carry it with me in bed or on the couch and sit it either on my lap or on a pillow. Best idea i could come up with to get myself - and my computer - a lap desk! After much search i found the perfect one at Barnes & Noble for only $19.99. I loved the pattern and design the moment i saw it. They also have it on the wesbite if you want to check it out. Here's the description for you: "Create an ideal workspace for all of your projects, anywhere, anytime. This banded lapdesk offers unique curved design and plush base for maximum comfort. Extensive non-skid surface area provides enough room for laptop use, reading, crafting or writing. Elastic bands securely hold papers and other instruments firmly in place. This lapdesk is durable and lightweight and features an attached carrying handle for ease of portability."

 It also felt appropriate to look for a nice sleeve case for it also. For this i looked everywhere for the perfect one. I came across this website and decided that it would be fun to get a more personalized case so i don't get bored too quickly. Website is: I just found it through Google. They personalize anything from tshirts to iphone cases. Since im really into the damask pattern and wanted to sort of match it with my handy lapdesk, i decided to place the order and spend the $50. It seems really expensive for a case but because it's personalized i decided to give it a try. Didn't know what to expect to be honest, but when i got it - 5 weeks later- i was really excited and happy of the outcome. The outside is a sort of polyester material, damask pattern and my initial in the front. The inside it the best part. The bright pink soft furry material makes the computer slide it easily and is protected since the case feels patted. I don't regret spending the money and it's a real eye catcher.
Do you guys treat your technology like babies or is it just me LOL


  1. Thank you for reviewing your laptop sleeve Amira! Very pretty just like you : )

  2. Aww this case is super super cute!

  3. You can also find some gems on Dribble. Search "Retina MacBook Pro" or something along those lines and you'll find new stuff as it's made available.
    Macbook Accessories