Saturday, January 8, 2011

My top 2010 favorites!

First of... Happy New Year everyone!!! Thank you to all the new subbies that read my page..Welcome! I'm really sorry i didn't post an official new years post, i've been having personal issues to deal with so i haven't had much blogging time but im hoping i can fix that and get back on track. 
I know this post is a bit late but i just have to mention a few products that i couldn't live without in my makeup collection in the past year. I would definitely find myself re-purchasing all of these products as soon as i finish them. I'm going to go through the products and tell you why i loved them individually. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette - I'm pretty sure this one is on a lot of your lists for 2010. This was a big deal when it first came out and it's been my most used palette that i own. The color selection is amazing and works for any natural/smokey look you can think of coming up with. I believe this is a permanent palette so i can always find it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't yet have it. Check out review and swatches HERE.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty foundation in Sandy Beige - I've used this for most of the year and i prefer it over any other drugstore foundation that i've tried. As soon as i went back to it after using the Revlon Photoready for a while, i knew that this one was my keeper LOL! I have a quick review on it so check it out HERE.

Mac Rhapsody in Two mineralized blush - I've been using this every single day since i got it from the Too Fabulous collection that came out last year. I use it as a highlight, not so much as a blush since it's so glowy and shimmery. I mostly use it on the bridge of my nose and sometimes on my cheeks if i dont use another shimmery blush.

Mac Refined Golden bronzer - I actually have to go buy another one because i finished the one i got from the To The Beach collection. It's the perfect bronzer to me. The little golden sparkles don't show up on the face but it still gives a nice bronzy glow. I love using this to contour my cheek bones and my hairline on my forehead. So far, it's my favorite bronzer out there. 

MeMeMe blush in Rouge - i recently did a review on this blush because i just can't stop using it. It's a gorgeous color, and gives a great glow to my face. Too bad it's not sold in the US but ill definitely swap for more in the future. You can check out swatches and a full review HERE.

Mac Myth lipstick - I'm almost finished with this one that i have and if i don't get a backup soon i feel like i will die lol! I don't think any lipstick in this world can replace the love that i have for this one. It's definitely pale but with a gloss on top, it's perfect for me. I love the nude- pink color pay-off. It's a satin finish so it goes on very smooth. Definitely my HG lipstick

NYX Sweet heart lipgloss - I love combining this with Myth lipstick. It's not an annoying sticky gloss. It's very creamy and shinny and makes my lips look a bit fuller and very nice. The smell and taste are like cherry coke but i got used to it by now lol Check out swatch HERE.

Milani Liquif'Eye metalic eyeliner pencil - I can't part with this eyeliner. I re-purchased it all year since i first tried it out. It's the perfect eyeliner that doesn't irritate my eyes at all. Definitely my HG drugstore liner. Check out a full review with pictures HERE.

Sally Girl Mini baked eyeshadow in Grey Purple - this has been my favorite purple that i would not hesitate to keep re-purchasing. Especially when it's only 99 cents! I think this is the top purple that i own and i always use it most over any other eyeshadow that i have. Highly recommend these. Check out swatch and more colors HERE.

Sinful Colors in Easy Going - i always find myself reaching for this shade out of all the nailpolished i own. It's a milky pink color and it works great all year long. It makes me feel like i still have a slight tan so i love wearing it right now LOL! You can never go wrong with simple shades like these so it's definitely my top pick. 
What are some of your "can't live without" products?


  1. I adore Myth and cannot wait to get my hands on the Naked palette.

  2. that sally girl shadow looks gorgeous for just 99 cents! thanks for sharing, i'll definitely be picking one up! xo

  3. I canr wait to get my hands on the naked pallette! been sold out at the stores =[

    check out my blog if ud like =]

  4. I'd love to get that Naked palette, i've been meaning to buy it for so long. I find it weird that everyone is in to the MeMeMe blusher, I've seen heaps of blogs recommending it. To be honest it's never a brand that I would buy from, but definitely going to check it out :)

  5. Great favourites.. I really want to try those mememe blushes!

    -Sriya xx

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