Friday, October 1, 2010

Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Eyeshadows

I've really been lovin' the various new selections that Wet'N'Wild has been coming out with. I wasn't sure about the quality of their eyeshadows, but they're really amazing. I picked up these 4 shades - because i cant just try one at a time - and im super happy with them. Here's what the website says about them: "High-pigmentation and pearl-densiry create a unique, satiny texture that lasts and lasts. A versatile collection of classic and trend shades can be easily worn alone or playfull combined for a variety of looks."
My opinion: I think they're great quality for the amazing price. They're very soft and easy to blend. The pigmentation is very rich for all of them except for the purple one, Kitten, which i've had a little trouble making it show up. You actually have to pack it on to show up so it's not as rich as the others. There are other two colors that i didn't get because i figured i wasn't going to use them as much, but i might get them to have them all. I do have a small problem with the packaging. I have a hard time opening it but im curious if i can depot them and collect them in a separate palette. Either way, I highly recommend checking them out if you can, they're worth having.
Envy: soft forest green with a satiny feel. (Mac Humid dupe)
Kitten: purple with gold relfexes
Lagoon: blue with a sligh frost finish
Nutty: taupy bronzed shade (Mac Satin Taupe dupe)
Brulee: creamy shade, satin/matte finish
Have you tried any of these eyeshadows?


  1. wow those look very pigmented very nice

  2. They look really nice! I love the look of Nutty :)

  3. These are pretty! I will have to check them out. :)

  4. From the swatches, I'm absolutely digging nutty, envy and kitten!

  5. they look awesome! i don't think i've tried their eyeshadows! I may have to pick up nutty & brulee!

  6. WOw I totally have to get my hands on some of those Wet N Wild eyeshadows!

  7. Thanks dolls! Definitely check them out!