Monday, October 4, 2010

REVIEW - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I've had enough time to test out this foundation and tell you my honest opinion about it. I have to say im really fond of it. I think it might have replaced my Revlon Colorstay, which i always end up going back to, but not this time. The color that i picked up is in Medium Beige 006. It looked the more yellow based out of all the few color selection that they have. The first time i ever tried it out i was very impressed with the consistency. It's very smooth, not thick but not too runny either. It dries fairly quickly so you have to work fast before you end up having spots on your face. When it does dry, unlike the Colorstay foundation, it seems a bit dewy and it's because of the tiny shimmers in it. I usually set it with powder, but sometimes i tend to over-powder and my face looks heavier than usual, so be careful about that. I do have oily skin that's why i feel the need to powder my face but i usually touch-up about twice a day when i wear this foundation, which isn't too bad.photoreadypump

Will you be a glittery pixie?
Of course this is the first and main concern about this foundation. It definitely was mine too because reviews online are either in favor, or against it. There are very small fine shimmers in the foundation that are visible if you look really close into it. To me, it doesn't give you a glittery face as much as a glow. However, by the end of the day, you can clearely see glitters here and there on your face. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. At the end of the day, at night, you might want that extra glow that you carried with you throughout that day.

Does it last all day?
If the weather is nice and cooperative, it lasts the entire day for me. If i wear it for more than 10 hours, i can start seeing spots by my jawline so it has the tendency to just fade, but it has a reasonable staying power.
See the glitters?!?
Here's what it looks like blended into my skin - check out that glow!

- Has a pump!
- SPF 20
- Gives a nice glow
- Doesn't feel heavy
- Blends easily into the skin
- Doesn't smell bad
- Great for cold season

- All over shimmer 
- Fades by the end of the day
- Not friendly for very oily skin
- Too shimmery for summer
- Needs touch-up
- Not a huge color selection
Have you tried this?
What do you think?


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  2. I love PhotoReady! It's a little expensive for a drugstore foundation (in my opinion) but I think it's worth it. I might even prefer it to my MUFE HD foundation...

  3. Thanks for this review! I'm a big fan and daily user of the regular Revlon Colorstay but was contemplating trying this.
    Since I have oily skin and live where the sun shines every day (any time I'm outdoors the glitters will be VErY visible) I'll be skipping this. I was about to buy it too but am glad I saved my money.:)

  4. omgosh I got this over the weekend [medium beige 006] and I just couldn't get it to work. It made my skin look like i had a lot of dry patches! I really wanted to love this product but it really did not work for me! maybe I got a bad bottle lol? Great post and love your blog!

  5. @Jesse Noe Mendez - sure! =)

    @Megalina - yea it is pretty pricey so it was good that i got it on sale otherwise i dont think i would have lol!

    @Gigi - That's good im happy about ur choice too lol

    @tuttifruttibeauti - hmm u might have to moisturize beforehand. it doesn't always work for everyone or maybe yea u got a bad bottle it happens lol thanks! =)