Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Haul - Urban Decay!

So i placed an online order with Urban Decay last Monday and i received it today. They did give a warning that there will be a 5 day delay with my order to be processed. I didn't really mind. Yesterday i got a confirmation email that they had shipped my order and today i got it! I was super excited. Here's what waited for me on my bed
Both these products are new releases and i took advantage of the sale that they had, using the promo code mentioned in a earlier post i did.

♥ Summer of Love shadow palette ♥
It came with four colors, which aren't new. If you already have these colors you might want to skip on this unless you like the packaging or want more of these gorgeous colors! It also came with a mini Sin Primer Potion which is so pretty, and a mini 24/7 pencil in Bourbon. The four eyeshadows are:
Flash, which is a bright iridescent purple. I swatched it and it goes on very smooth and it's pretty pigmented. I was looking for a good purple and im so happy with this, i can't wait to try it out.
Maui Wowie is a medium gold with silver glitter. I'm actually very impressed with this. It looked like it would have some heavy glitter but its very subtle so i was very happy about that.
Chopper is a coppery fawn with silver microglitters. Again the glitters arent heavy, i would just call it a sheen. It's a gorgeous color.
Smog is a deep copperty bronze. It's very pigmented and gives a nice sheen bronzy color, it very pretty.
I'm really glad i got this palette. Last year i missed out on the summer palette they released which was called Get Baked. I do have the color Flipside though so the rest i might just get eventually. Again, if you don't have these colors i highly recommend it. I love the Urban Decay palettes, i think they're the best ones out there.

♥ Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss ♥
This actually makes me laugh because its so cute! It's like your own individual boyfriend in your pocket LOL! This one that i got is the new released one and i just had to have it. This new "boyfriend" of mine is Max and it's a pinky- nude gloss. Here's what it says about it on the urban decay website: "Laid back and ready to get tubed, Max loves being salty and wet, and puts his all into making you feel swell. Undress him with a flick of your wrist and watch the tide rise." HAHA! I kinda got a kick out of that lol It's a very smooth consistency, creamy and glossy. It does however settle in between the lip lines but its not too bad, i dont mind it. First thing i thought about it when i smelled it was pancake syrup lol! It's yummy i was very excited lol!
What are your thoughts on these products? Are you going to get any if you haven't already?

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  1. OOOO I love the palette, the colors are so useable! Plus the liner and primer! What an awesome buy :)