Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kim Kardashian inspired look

Since i love Kim Kardashian so much, and had the chance to attempt a re-creation of her look..i did!... Of course she's gorgeous and i don't assume i look anything like her, but her makeup is always so flawless and i wanted to give it a try =)
Here's the picture that inspired me

And here's what i did...

I used my 120 palette and added a gray-ish shimmer color all over my lid and a little above my crease
Step 2:
Using Mac eyeshadow in Smoke and Diamonds, i pack some on a crease brush and blend it in the crease with the gray-ish color to smooth it out
Step 3:
Wet a brush. Either with water (not too recommended), Fix+ (highly recommended) or eye drops from the drugstore (cheap alternative that i used =). I wanted to pack on the sparkly grey/silver color all over the lid and since it has a pigment feel to it, this worked really well.
Step 4:
With another brush (i used the crease brush because it's small), i used the silver color to add on top of the wet gray/silver from before. This made it look brighter.
Step 5:
I added some Stila Kajol eyeliner on my waterline and smudged it a bit
Step 6:
I used Ulta eyeshadow in Cocoa Bean. Any brown color would do to just add below the waterline and blend with the smudged black liner.
Final Steps:
I added Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight, Mac Zoom Lash Mascara and Falsies =)

Here's my final look (including an attempt to imitate her style =P )


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