Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: MeMeMe blush!

I've been meaning to this requested post for a while, so i apologize for the extreme delay. 
This blush has been my addiction for a few weeks now. I recieved it in a swap from the UK, so if you live in the US it may be a little difficult to get your hands on it. 
The first thing that might strike you as familiar is the packaging which looks extremely similar to the blushes from Benefit. I personally love the boxed package, i think its super cute. 
 MeMeMe blushes come in four different shades, of which i have just this one but hope to get more in a future swap because im in love. They're called Coral, Bronze and Pink - i think the names are self discriptive of the shades of the blushes lol
The shade i have and use basically on a daily basis is called Rouge and its a gorgeous corally red-ish shade. It looks intense in the box and you only need a light hand to apply because it is quite pigmented. It's extremely soft to the touch, almost satiny. It give the face a light flush and because of the shimmer it also adds a nice glow to your cheeks. 
It comes with a soft flat brush that you can use. I personally don't use it because i find it difficult to work with, since it isn't round. It also has a mirror on the top lid which is super handy if you take these blushes somewhere with you. 
I apply a light hand on my cheeks and blend it in so im left with a rosy coral color and a slight sheen. The lasting power is decent. I don't find that it fades away much by the end of the day, so im really pleased with that. 
I'll be posting an FOTD with me wearing it soon so stay tuned...
Have any of you tried the MeMeMe blushes?

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  1. The swatch is gorgeous, Amira! I've seen these in Superdrug but always ended putting them back LOL

    Kaushal xx