Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Obsession: Covergirl Smoky eye Look

I finally got my hands on one of these popular sets that i've been dying to try out for a while now. I found it on clearance price at Target for $8.25 and of course i couldn't pass it. I've only tried it out for about two days now but i'm in love with it. The set that i got is the Natural Look. It also comes in Bold Look (frost blue) and Glamorous Look (silver-black).

Each individual set contains these 
(which you can also purchase separately):  
1 Smoky Shadow Blast Cream Shadow Stick
1 Lash Blast Mascara
1 Line Exact Liquid Liner
Step by Step Instructions

The Natural Look Set that i got contains the Smoky Shadow Blast in Bronze Fire #815, a Lash Blast Mascara in Brown & Line Exact Liquid Liner in Brown. Bronze Fire shadow pencil is gorgeous. One end, which is labeled Step 1 is a golden champagne color with slight shimmer and the other end, labeled Step 2, is a copperish bronze with golden sheen. The set itself is very handy if you're just starting out with makeup or if you want to save money by getting more products in a step-by-step kit. It would be a great buy for your green/hazle eyed babes out there. 

Smoky Shadow Blast
She shadow pencil is a great combination of color though and i really love it. It definitely brings out my eyes if i pair it up with some black liner. It still gives me a very natural look. It is a creamy consistency so if you have oily lids you have to be a bit careful with these. I did find that it creased a bit on me but i applied some powder onto my lids and it's holding out good. I think this shadow pencil will be a no-no in the summer time for me though. I would still re-purchase it and make it work somehow because its too pretty lol!

Line Exact Liquid Liner
I'm not sure how to feel about this eyeliner. It goes on great and looks bold but then it fades away quite quick. The eyes still look lined though so im confused as to how it works exactly lol. I love the felt tip and how easy it just glides on but because of its poor lasting power im not sure i would depend on buying it again after this finishes up.

Lash Blast Mascara
I've tried this mascara a while ago but got so caught up with trying new ones that i forgot how amazing it actually is. I dont know why i go out and try to find new mascaras when the love of my life has been the Lash Blast all along LOL! I will definitely go buy it in Black because using the Brown feels like too much brown for my brown eyes lol

Overall opinion:
I think these sets are really great for beginners or if you feel like you're going to be using all the products, then you're definitely up for a great bargain. I can only speak for the Natural Look though. I would like to try the other ones too. You can find these sets for $16.50 usually but if you happen to get to Target maybe you can find this for $8.25 like i did! They're packaged very nicely and i love that they include a step-by-step help of how to achieve a look using all the products. I would recommend checking them out, they definitely a great buy. 

I'll be posting an FOTD with this as soon as i get my camera working

You can find out more useful information here: http://www.smokyeyelook.com

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  1. ooh bargain! i'll definitely be stopping by my target this weekend x