Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mac Primped Out: Eye Look Bag in Drama Taupe

 This is another great holiday set from Mac that doesn't fail. They came out with three different choices of color combinations that you can choose from. Since i love wearing more dramatic smokey eye most of the time, i thought this was perfect. Every set comes again in the cute animal print clutch, this time in green - yay variety! The set is $46.50 and it comes with a bunch of good things. First we have two eyeshadows as a duo, mascara, eyeliner and a brush. The total value of the products is $58.50, and this is without the bag and the brush included in the set. So onto the products....

'Filament' / 'Black Tied' eyeshadow duo
  • Filament Eyeshadow - this is described as a 'platinum silver' and its a luster finish. This shadow looks really pretty in the pan and when swatched, and then when i used it the fallout was insane. Doesn't show up as much on the eyes and its not that easy to apply. I see more fallout than i do any color. I will keep trying to see how i can use this one but its a so-so for me.
  • Black Tied Eyeshadow - i've had this one on my list for a long time. I have a few matte black shadows but i heard that this one is a must-have in the collection. The blackness is really nice and the silver sparkle in it are not overboard or falling out all over your face. It blends beautifully as its a velvet finish so i really love this one. 

'Bad, bad black' Opulash mascara - i love the formula of this mascara. I do feel like the brush may be a little too big for some people to use but it brushes the lashes really nicely and ads some dimension to them. The formula is an intense black so it does work in darkening them up. The one downside for some people might be the size of the brush, especially if you have smaller eyes. Other than that its a good mascara.

'Engraved' Powerpoint Eye Pencil - i absolutely love this eyeliner. I normally wear gel liners but this is a great liner that i've been using for a few days now to line my eyes. Its so smooth and applies really easily. Its waterproof and does last all day without smudging. This particular shade is a rich black and it lines the eyes beautifully for that dramatic look. I would consider repurchasing it in the future for sure.

275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush - this brush is so handy, and works really great. I used it to apply my crease color and it works really nicely to stay in that crease and blend in the color well, i love it.

Unless you think you would use all the products, or don't own them already, this one can be a pass. I dont regret buying it since i dont have any of them and really wanted to try them out, this was the best opportunity to get them at great value. I'm happy with it, however you don't need to rush and grab it if its not what your looking for.



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