Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mac Glamour Daze Haul!

Macs recent collection is probably my favorite this year. It's sparkly and girly and there's something for everyone. The holiday collection is quite large and a lot to take in but in addition to all the nice gift sets that they came out with, the separate collection - Glamour Daze - has a great deal of extra dimension products for face and eyes and other various things. Going at the Mac counter was a bit overwhelming but its a lot of fun to see the cute variety. I picked up a few things from the collection that i know i will use more. They are a bit more pricey due to special sleek packaging so i didn't want to go too crazy, so i chose carefully. So here's a more detail review of each product that i picked up.

'In the Limelight' nail polish - this is my first Mac nailpolish that i've tried and i really like it. I've been on the lookout for a really nice mint color and so far this is what i found. Im sure other brands are available that have this shade but i picked this one up anyway. I tried it once so far and i feel like you do need to work with it a bit. Two to three coats should work to get a good color payoff and avoid any streaks. Love the shade and the quality, so far i have no complaints.

'Beauty' lipstick - this is a real light cool toned pink shade with a glaze frosty finish. Seeing it i knew i had to get it. It is quite light when applied but i like to pair it up with something more dark and blended looks really nice. It doesn't really last long on the lips at all so that's the only downside about it and if your darker skin this might wash you out if you wear it alone. Otherwise its a gorgeous shade and im glad i got it.

'Feminine Edge' fluidline - i picked up this shade even if it doesn't really seem to work as a eyeliner. It looks pink in the pot but when applied its more sheer and sparkly than anything. If you keep adding product you get a hint of pink but its mostly silver glitter, which i personally really loved about it. I would not use it all over the lid or just as an eyeliner alone. I would added under my waterline or if i want to brighten up an eye look with lots of sparkle and glam. Its a bit awkward to work with just because the glitter shows up first before any color of any kind, but i still love it. I will post an FOTD soon with me wearing it so you can see what i mean.


'Stolen Moment' Extra dimension eyeshadow - the only thing that was kind of disappointing was the size of the eyeshadow. Earlier this year when the extra dimension eyeshadows came out they were much larger. However, i could not pass on getting at least one that i knew i would wear a lot and this shade did not disappoint. The quality is really great in my opinion, goes on smoothly and its the perfect all over the lid color. It reminds me a lot of Satin Taupe, which is my all time favorite, but a bit more plummy and brown with some silver sheen in certain light. I really with it was larger since i feel like im going to use this one a lot, but i would just buy a backup soon.

'Whisper of Gilt' extra dimension skinfinish - is described as a 'light soft white gold with shimmery sheen'. Its the prettiest champagne highlight that just brightens up the face to beautifully. This shade is a re-launch form a collection from earlier this year, which i missed out on so i was happy that i got my hands on this time. I love the gold glow it gives off when i apply it on my cheekbones and it just brightens up the face especially when i use brown or gold based eyeshadows. This is also a perfect shade for cooler toned shades. Highly recommend it.

'Superb' extra dimension skinfinish - is described as a 'soft peach nude with multidimensional shimmer'. Its slightly darker than 'Whisper of Gilt' skinfinish, and more of the brown side. It works really nice with a more bronzed peach blush and warm tones. The bronze peach shade adds a really nice metallic glow to the face and i really love it. I do think its worth having both shades if your a highlighter junky like me, unless you prefer wearing one shade over the other. Either way, i recommend checking both extra dimension skinfinishes.
So this is all i picked up from the collection. There's so much more to it to check out, including more eyeshadow shades, lipsticks and glosses, blushes, eyeliners, nailpolishes and mascara. It's a gorgeous collection and i highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

Did you pick up anything from Mac Glamour Daze collection?

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